P8ntPress cover of the NPL #1 2016 at Rønholt Paintball Arena.

Other then making kick ass video's P8ntpress design lab is here for every one and any one who needs help with graphic design. We love making logos for teams and companies, as well as promotional stuff! 

If you would like to get a quote on a project? contact us at hello@p8ntpress.com

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Doing any kind of media production costs money, and in addition to equipment costs Paintball brings travels,hotels and more to the picture. In order to help fund P8ntPress we now sell merch. So please consider supporting us by buying a tee or a hoodie!



View the complete set of our work by heading over to our Youtube channel.

In 2018 we will strive to produce various types of content so make sure to stay updated by subscirbing.


graphic design

We all want a kickass design for our jerseys, team logo and much more. 

We have a in house designer, with years of experience in graphic design. Contact us today for a competitive offer! 

 P8ntPress producer and videographer Jonas (Kjøl) Kjol

P8ntPress producer and videographer Jonas (Kjøl) Kjol


P8ntPress was founded back in 2010, and started as a news site. We felt there was little news sources for Paintball in Europe and wanted to help push new content out to the community. 

After some time we moved into video production. Norway had little to now Paintball related content production. So we entered into that realm. We kept it up for awhile but had a break for a few years. And two years ago we began yet again with 100% video and photo production for Paintball. We have today attended several events in Europe. (Millennium series, Cps, NXS and NPL. W

Our services has been used my various teams and brands, and are avaliable for hire. Feel free to contact us.